First Degree Fitness Evolution E350

AED 8,946 (Inc. Vat)

The E350 (Formerly the E316) Indoor Rower is a premium quality commercial rowing machine designed to accommodate all fitness levels and heavy use facilities. Featuring FDF’s Adjustable Fluid Resistance technology, this water rowing machine accurately simulates propelling a boat through water with the rower experiencing an instant catch and continuous resistance, as well as the sight and sound of water being driven through the dual tank.

Delivering a massive range of adjustable resistance, the E350 Indoor Rower has an angled tank with straight line configuration for an unrivalled stroke profile. The convenience of this water resistance technology, means you can change the intensity mid workout to meet individual fitness goals, as well as accommodate multi-user training.

The E350 FluidRower has a small footprint with complete mobility and compact vertical storage option, making it ideal for group classes, cardio areas and quality home gyms.

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  • Provided by the unique semi isokinetic properties of our patented Twin Tank Adjustable Fluid Resistance System


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