GOFLO® Killer Suspension Training Kit

AED 947 (Inc. Vat)

The GOFLO® Trainer is a unique combination of spring loaded suspension trainer with multiple attachments including a body holder, and straps or stirrups for your feet or hands. This array of attachments allows you to vary your workout and training in an infinite number of fat burning exercises and routines.

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The GOFLO® is  a TRX killer. This Suspension Trainer Set provides your body both support and resistance allowing you to work WITH the GOFLO and become almost weightless as it supports and assists you with your training OR work AGAINST the GOFLO spring loaded explosive
power bands to raise intensity to new levels! The GOFLO Trainer will allow you to work your body in new challenging ways and from different angles never before possible.

Your GOFLO Trainer workout will not only be more intense and effective, but more FUN as well! And once you become familiar with your GOFLO Trainer you will be limited in your training only by your imagination.

GOFLO® Killer Suspension Training Kit 800sport

  • GOFLO Exercises Manual & GOFLO Videos – with over 100 different exercises and effective workouts routines.
  • Door anchor attachment
  • Additional Outdoor anchor strap – which allows you to wrap it around any object such as a sturdy tree, a park bench, park ,gym bar,etc.
  • Band Base – with ability to change the band length.
  • Handles – 2 Hand Grips from silicone material which is very comfortable to hold.
  • Bungee Straps – 6  resistance Bungee Straps ,2 from each side of the band (for people who weights over 100kg, it’s recommended, to add additional strings, in order to have better ressistance).
  • 2 EXTRA FREE Resistance Springs  – For Heavy-Weight Resistance.
  • Harness – 2 black body harness, that connects to feet and shoulders and very comfortable to use.
  • Backpack Bag –  for you to carry your GoFlo Trainer.
  • Free Live Workshop Course of 4 Hours / Free Worldwide Shipping

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