INTENZA 550ETi Elliptical Cross Trainer with Interactive Console

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INTENZA 550ETi Elliptical Cross Trainer with Interactive Console

  • Easy to operate and natural to use, making it a great option for engaging multiple muscle groups
  • Feature Intenza’s unique Uni-Dial switch control, a twist and push button – free solution
  • Smart Energy System
  • LED Display
  • Uni-Dial Navigation Control
  • InZone Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 40 Resistance Levels

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Easy To Learn

The cardio equipment people are most likely to use is the cardio equipment they are most comfortable with – where the learning curve is low and their confidence is high.

    • i Series elliptical trainers, bikes, and treadmills share the same console – eliminating the learning curve between machines and giving exercisers the confidence to explore new workout options
    • Straightforward access to all workouts and programming with Intenza’s exclusive Uni-Dial Navigation Control™ – simply turn and press a single dial
    • Users have a complete understanding of the console after only a few minutes of exploring it


Easy To Enjoy

Fitness equipment, by its very nature, can be complicated machinery. And Intenza products are, indeed, precisely engineered to exacting standards but that is why they’re so logical, so understandable, so kind to your body – the most important machine of all.

    • 16 ramp angle levels (13º-40º) work multiple muscles with a simple, console-controlled, incline adjustment1
    • Facility operators can preset maximum usage times during peak hours – so everybody gets a chance to enjoy the Intenza machines
    • Large, 18-character LED message center provides a clear visual of all information needed including:
    • Heart rate, resistance level, time, SPM, calories, watts, distance, speed, workout summary, and workout profile.
      • Step-up height of 35cm (13.7 inches)
      • Pedal-to-Pedal distance of 6cm (2.3 inches)
      • 40 resistance levels
    • 15 watts minimum (level 1 at 40 SPM), 630 watts maximum (level 40 at 150 SPM)


Easy To Personalise

Keep exercisers engaged using Intenza’s fresh approaches to communicating with them, encouraging healthy competition, and supporting goal achievement with these i Series features:

  • USB feature allows users to customise workouts, save personal preferences, track workouts, and view their progress from any Intenza cardiovascular machine.
  • When a USB is detected, users can customise name, display unit, age, gender, weight, and buzzer sounds.
  • Smart machine will also automatically prioritise customised user preferences when USB is inserted
  • Race programs offering fun challenges by racing against existing champions in 500M, 1K, or 2K races
  • Fitness tests determine individual’s fitness level based on VO2 max standards
  • Seven custom user programs can be saved to USB for future use on any Intenza machine anywhere in the world
  • Five preset programs in each of these three categories: incline, resistance, and reverse training
  • Three target programs: Time (10-99 minutes), Distance (1-99 km), or Calories (10-2500 cals)
  • Four heart rate control programs in constant power mode: Constant HRC, Interval HRC, Hill HRC, Cardio HRC
  • QuickStart option
  • Choose between kilometres and miles

Two options to monitor cardio output:

InZone™ heart rate monitoring works through Intenza’s straightforward Uni-Dial to display target heart rates in visual, colour-coded lights allowing exercisers to adjust their intensity accordingly. Heart rate is monitored one of two ways:

  • “Polar-made” telemetry heart rate monitoring system allows exercisers using Polar or Polar-compatible chest belts to interact with the console for custom workouts and readings based on age and weight.
  • For exercisers without Polar or Polar-compatible belts, contact sensors provide digital heart rate readings in both upright training and racing positions




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