MX Tank Commercial Gym, Torque

MX Tank Commercial Gym, Torque

AED 16,758.00 (Inc. Vat)


  • WEIGHT: 244 lbs (111 kg)
  • DIMENSIONS: (L X W X H) 55.35 x 33.39 x 37.32 in (1406 x 848 x 948 cm)
  • WARRANTY: 10 year frame and welds. 1 year parts and finish on workmanship and materials


  • 25% more resistance with MX Mode
  • Redesigned handles and multi-position tow bar
  • Stackable with removable handles for storage
  • New silver color scheme

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The all-new TANK™ MX is the newest evolution of the All Surface Sled category.  With all of the same great features of the TANK M4, plus some major upgrades, the MX was engineered for serious athletes ready for a challenge.

Exclusive Features of the TANK MX:

  • MX has even more braking resistance than the M4 with 25% more resistance at peak power.  Added resistance is engaged with the MX lever and can be added to all levels.
  • To handle the added braking resistance, MX has larger, wider tires for enhanced traction and an even more bold, aggressive lookz
  • New handles exclusive to the MX are easily removed by simply lifting the handle vertically.  No tools required.
  • New handles have an added, lower push handle point that adds variety to the Performance Handles used on the M4.
  • Optional Stacker Kit allows the MX to be stacked on top of each other, up to 3 high to save valuable floor space between workout sessions.
  • Removable handles can be stored in the center tray of the MX when they are not in use for lower profile storage or stacking.  This helps keep things organized.
  • 3-position bar provides multiple user-friendly features:
    • High position can be used for attaching a tow strap and provides an alternative low-height push position
    • Mid position provides ergonomic grip points for lifting
    • Low position saves space when stacking and storing
  • New silver color scheme and graphics make the MX standout.

RESISTANCE: Choose from three levels of resistance on either resistance brake to switch up the intensity of your workout either in different runs or in the same run. Torque’s TANK™ is bi-directional, meaning that there is no need to turn the fitness sled around as you go about your workout. Each grip point has a firm rubber coating which allows the user to get a tight hold. The power and burst that TANK™ provides makes it the ultimate push and pull sled.  Engage the MX level to increase resistance by 25% on any level.

Experience – Feeling the resistance increase with speed causes a surprise “wow” reaction and a unique exercise experience that users can love.

H.I.I.T – You can select from three levels of resistance and perform bursts of acceleration and speed, varying the intensity in different runs or within the same run.

Safety – Resistance that feels dangerous can be backed down instantly during the run to a level that feels safer.

Portability – TANK’s optional XGAS – Group Anchor Station holds weights and accessories to move a complete workout to any location indoors or outdoors where the XGAS unattaches to become a group anchor station for battle ropes, resistance bands, and other attachments.

Stackable – Stack MX 3 high for more compact storage and transportation.

Storage – Removable handles make stacking, storage, and transportation extremely easy.

Surface Friendly – TANK’s inflated soft wheels are gentle on carpeting, hardwood, and natural turf grass.

Bi-directional – Resistance is supplied in both directions eliminating the need to turn the TANK around.  This narrows the path required for your “TANK ZONE”.TANK



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