Purmotion Wishbone Attachment

AED 3,964 (Inc. Vat)

Now you are able to perform alternative squats which strengthen your lower body in ways traditional vertical squats just can’t. The Wishbone incorporates natural angles of resistance that builds balance strength without compromising your joints. It provides neutral joint alignment at the wrists and shoulders plus natural weight distribution that sits comfortably in the midline of your body. The Wishbone alternative squats could be treated as a great accessory exercises for experience weightlifters that need a break from barbell squats and deadlifts.

The Wishbone’s ergonomic design works for any age, size or fitness level!

Once you incorporate additional angles into your lower body strength training, you will be able to quickly blast through existing plateaus and nagging aches and pains to reach a new personal record!


Wishbone Specs

  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Width without pegs: 30 inches
  • Width with pegs: 41 inches
  • Depth: 38 inches
  • Std. Color: Black
  • A bi-lateral load squat attachment



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