Resistance Loop™ XL – Regular Strength, green, Merrithew

AED 78.75 (Inc. Vat)

  • Great for beginners wanting to try kettle bell exercises without risk of injury
  • Cushion support is easier on hands and wrists
  • Use in full body exercises to sculpt and tone
  • Strap around arms or ankles for added challenge during workouts
  • Includes BONUS downloadable exercise guide

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Up your game and maximize your workouts with this resistance tool that intensifies both upper and lower body training in a variety of strength, speed, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises.

  • 10% longer than the standard Resistance Loop™, perfect for taller exercisers
  • Portable, lightweight and easily slips into a gym bag or suitcase
  • Adds challenge to bicep curls, lunges, core work and more
  • Increases functional exercise options



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