Solid Rubber Dumbbells 55 – 100lbs

AED 22,000 (Inc. Vat)

  • Solid Steel Heads
  • Rubber Encased – embossed logo and increment treatment


Solid Rubber Dumbbells 55 – 100lbs

These dumbbell heads will never become loose. Other dumbbells frequently experience this problem after an extended period of use — and when a dumbbell head becomes loose, it can seriously hinder your workout. Unsecured or loose dumbbell heads can also present a major safety hazard. The solid design of the TKO dumbbell eliminates all of those problems!

With the TKO dumbbell set you’ll never have to worry about a loose bolt or plate causing the dumbbell heads to swivel. This is because the TKO dumbbell set doesn’t have any bolts or plates.

You also have the option to choose between 7.5-27.5 lbs if you’re interested in half sized increments. The weight amounts available for this set of TKO dumbbells range from 5-120 lbs. The weight selections are categorized in 5 lb increments.

The TKO Solid Steel Rubber Dumbbell set comes ready to use. There isn’t any assembly required. Start enjoying your new set the minute you open the box.



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