TKO 7031 4-Stack Cable Machine

AED 44,870 (Inc. Vat)

7031 4-Stack Cable Machine Features:

  • Compact 4 stack cable machine
  • Pulldown and Row Station with 200lb weight stack
  • Tricep pressdown and adjustable cable station with 160lb weight stack

7031 4-Stack Cable Machine Specs:

  • Assembled dimensions: 140” L x 83” W x 95” H
  • Machine Weight: 1654lbs


TKO 7031 4-Stack Cable Machine

The TKO Signature Series line of multi-stack equipment provides a high quality and versatile product with a simpe design to enhance the unser workout and ensure a worry-free product in your facility.  This piece is space-efficient and easy to use, all while offering a multi-user experience, making it perfect fo facilities large and small.




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