Wattbike The Trainer Model, Max Resistance, 2000W

AED 20,995 (Inc. Vat)

The Wattbike trainer is everything.
An Exercise bike for committed exercises in the home of gym
An athletic performance improvement ergonometric with they inbuilt science & data metrics to satisfy Olympic athletes & their coaches. Cycling to running, rugby, boxing and every sport in between.
The Wattbike has something for everyone.


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The Wattbike connects to many popular training apps and devices including the Wattbike Hub, Strava and Garmin.


The Wattbike has been independently verified to offer incredible accuracy within 2% across the whole range of Watts. It is factory calibrated for life so you can test and train with absolute confidence.

Real Ride Feel

The Wattbike uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance to deliver the distinctive feel of riding a bike out on the road.

Fully adjustable setup

The ability to minutely adjust the saddle and handlebar positions means the Wattbike can be used by almost anyone and gives the opportunity to re-create the fit and feel of your usual bike.

Polar View

The Polar View is a unique tool which monitors exactly how you distribute power as you pedal. It highlights imbalances and allows you to train with never before seen precision. Using the Polar View you can become a smoother, faster, more efficient cyclist.

Performance Monitor

The Model B Performance Monitor measures over 40 parameters, including power, cadence and heart rate, over 100 times per second. The monitor gives you the ability to create your own sessions and even undertake pre-programmed fitness tests.

Wattbike Hub Compatible

The Wattbike Performance Monitor is Bluetooth enabled, which means you can use it in conjunction with our free smartphone app to record and analyse your data like never before.

Heart Rate Monitor Compatible

The Wattbike Trainer is compatible with a variety of different heart rate monitors including all Garmin, Suunto, Polar and MyZone models as well as other ANT and ANT devices.

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